CLM Towing LLC is a privately owned corporation active in several marine organizations including AWO, GNOBFA, and GICA. Owner, Capt. Elliot Crochet, is very supportive of the Responsible Care Program (RCP) and the impact it has on safety and environmental stewardship of marine transportation. Experienced in inland and blue water operations, we would like the opportunity to work with you on your maritime needs. Operating Thousand Foot Cut Fleet located in the Pt. Arthur vicinity on the GIWW at mile 276 (convenient for all marine traffic operating on the canal), we can facilitate your shifting needs. CLM offers marine consulting, working with your organization on your transportation needs, assisting in logistics, and locating vessels (boats or barges) to meet your requirements.

  P.O. Box 780 Mauriceville, TX 77626 ph 409.745.9222 fax 409.745.9555