Base Rate from Thousand Foot Cut Fleet: MM276
Regulation barge, Oversize barge $95/$125
Fleeting In and Out Fee $55/$55
Caro Tex, Tubal Cane $360/$540/$720
Vessel Repair $360/$540/$720
Port of Port Arthur $420/$630/$840
Motiva-PA, Valero, Chevron, West PA Bridge $500/$750/$1000
Sabine Pass $935/$14001$1870
Total $300/$450/$600
Motiva Port Neches, Huntsman Port Neches $450/$680/$900
Sun Oil Nederland $500/$750/$1000
Oil Tanking, Exxon, Kirby Fleet, Lucite $790/$1180/$1575
Port of Beaumont, Standolind $790/$1180/$1575
Dupont Orange, Burton Shipyard, Port of Orange $645/$9651$1290
Beaumont to Orange or Port Arthur $9301$1395/1860
Orange to Port Arthur $10001$1500/$2000
Port Arthur to Total $700/$1060/$1400
Port Arthur to Sun Oil $845/$1265/$1690

*Shift rates are based on regulation rakes loaded or empty, regulation boxes shift at rate and a half loaded or  
 empty, oversize barges shift at double rate loaded or empty.
*Day rates available pricing dependent on crew requirements.
*Rates subject to change according to MARSEC level changes.

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