Base Rate from Thousand Foot Cut Fleet: MM276

Regulation barge, Oversize barge


Fleeting In and Out Fee


Barge Sizes


Caro Tex, Tubal Cain


Vessel Repair, Gulf Copper North/Central

$ 410/$620/$825

Port of Port Arthur, Kem-Tex


Motiva-PA, Valero, Chevron, West PA Bridge, Gulf Copper South


GT Omni Port

$975/ $1465/ $1955

Sabine Pass




Motiva Port Neches, Huntsman Port Neches, TPC,


Sun Oil Nederland


Oil Tanking, Exxon, Kirby Fleet, Lucite


Port of Beaumont, Standolind


Dupont Orange, Burton Shipyard, Port of Orange, Sienna Shipyard, West Port Orange


Beaumont to Orange or Port Arthur


Orange to Port Arthur


Port Arthur to Total


Port Arthur to Sun Oil


*Shift rates are based on regulation rakes loaded or empty, regulation boxes shift at rate and a half loaded or  
 empty, oversize barges shift at double rate loaded or empty.

*Day rates available pricing dependent on crew requirements.

*Rates subject to change according to MARSEC level changes.

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